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Maria Giulia Montanari

Maria Giulia Montanari

Maria Giulia Montanari

Address: Via Bonardi 3, Edificio 12, Third floor


Phone (+39) 02 2399 5499

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Maria Giulia Montanari is a research fellow at the department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU) of Polytechnic of Milan, where she studies the rising inequalities and social insecurity in the middle class. Graduated in Labour Sciences, in 2020 she obtained the PhD in Economic Sociology at the University of Milan, with a thesis on the welfare accessibility (unemployment, family and minimum income benefits) of European citizens who move from a Member State to another within the Union. Even though she mainly applied quantitative techniques of analysis (on EU-LFS and EU-SILC databases), she has recently experienced also qualitative techniques (focus group, in-depth interviews, questionnaires) by taking part in researches on food policies, old-age innovative policies and organizational well-being.

Journal Articles

Montanari M.G. and Meraviglia C. (under review), “Is Intra-EU Mobility beneficial for Social Mobility?”

Working Papers

Montanari M.G. (in progess), “Migration Neutrality in Accessing Welfare across Europe” to be presented at EU User Conference Microdata from EUROSTAT (Mannheim) in March 2021

Montanari M.G. and Márton Medgyesi (2018), “Who Received Which Benefits? A Cross-Country Comparison”, presented at ESPAnet 2018 European (Vilnius) and Italian (Florence) Conferences

PhD Thesis

Montanari M.G. (2020), “Intra-EU Mobility and National Welfare States”, published on IRIS AIR archives,

Other interventions

Maino F., Regonini G., Montanari M.G. e Bandera L. (2020), “Il recupero e la distribuzione dei prodotti alimentari ai fini di solidarietà sociale: attuazione e risultati delle politiche di Regione Lombardia”, Rapporto Finale, Missione Valutativa n. 21/2019 Consiglio Regionale della Lombardia

Montanari M.G. (2019), “Is free movement a threat or a boost to welfare states?”, articolo su “”,