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Si segnala l’uscita, in modalità open-access, su Interações: Sociedade e as Novas Modernidades (volume 38/2020) del nuovo articolo di Giuliana Costa:

Intergenerational Homesharing Programmes. A Piece Of The ‘Ageing in Place’ Puzzle?”

L’articolo traccia le caratteristiche salienti dei programmi di homesharing “intergenerazionale”, delineando e spiegando la varietà tipologica osservata.
Di seguito l’abstract completo:

Homesharing programmes bring two or more individuals who are not linked by family bonds to live under the same roof, sharing domestic spaces and daily living activities. Intergenerational cohabitation programmes match an elderly homeowner (or a person with a rental agreement) who needs companionship and some help with a younger one who is looking for affordable accommodation. This article provides an overview of intergenerational homesharing by tracing their arrangements and salient characteristics, besides explaining the typological variety observed. Based on fieldwork carried out mainly by interviewing homesharing programme managers and policymakers over the period 2015-2019, this paper casts light on several dimensions that characterize homesharing programmes as an arrangement potentially capable of relieving loneliness and social isolation issues in old age, and of generating preventive and light forms of care. The study analyses the main critical aspects of homesharing as well as some of their evolution and transformation dynamics in recent years.