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Global inequalities between countries may have diminished in recent decades, as a result of the rise of China, India and other formerly low-income economies, but within many countries, especially in the US, Europe and other advanced economies, inequalities have increased significantly, most recently in the context of the global financial crisis, the recession and the austerity. The success of books such as “Global Inequality” by Branko Milanovic, “Inequality: what can be done?” by the late Tony Atkinson, and the international best seller “Capital in the 21st Century” by Thomas Piketty, is evidence of a revival of interest in inequalities among policy makers and the general public. LPS researchers have been and are currently involved in work on economic insecurity, social vulnerability and income mobility in Italy and other European countries. In particular, current research topics include the rise of economic insecurity in Europe, the analysis of income drops and buffers, and the changing distribution of income in Southern Europe.


Social mobility in southern Europe, 2008-2016