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The Home care premium (HCP) scheme is a need-related, cash-for-care transfer aimed to support home care for dependent people.
The research has two goals:
a) to analyse implementation strategies of the HCP scheme, with particular attention to those developed at local level, aimed to assess both their compatibility with policies at central level, and the emerging gaps between policy design and implementation at local level, in order to identify the main lessons that can be learned for the improvement of the scheme;
b) to collect empirical data about the expected or unexpected, positive or negative effects of the HCP scheme, both on eligible recipients and on ultimate beneficiaries, based on a counterfactual approach, aiming to identify how effects may vary by category.

Funding period

Research group
Costanzo Ranci, Marco Arlotti, Andrea Parma, Giancarlo Vecchi

Funding Institution
INPS National Social Security Institute

Arlotti, M., A. Parma, C. Ranci, (2017) Traps and unexpected effects of innovation in a context of institutional inertia: the case of Italian “home care premium” program, paper presented at the Transforming Care Conference, Politecnico di Milano, 26-28 June 2017