Il sito del Laboratorio di Politiche Sociali

The approval of the new regional law on housing (Regional Law 8 July 2016, n. 16) has ushered in a new phase in social housing policies in Lombardy. This research aims to analyse local housing problems and dynamics with a view to providing recommendations for regional policy.
The project is organised in two modules.
The first module analyses the economic conditions of households living in public housing in order to help define the new “affordable rent” thresholds introduced by the new regional law. Such thresholds will have to strike a balance between the housing costs (rent and other charges) a household can meet given its means on the one hand, and the financial sustainability of the social housing agency on the other hand.
The second module aims to carry out a survey of local rent control agreements, in order to build a statistical archive of minimum and maximum rent levels in Lombard cities.

Funding period

2017-in progress

Research group

Costanzo Ranci, Luigi Bernardi, Stefefania Cerea, Marta Cordini

Funding Institution

Lombardy Region


Eupolis (Higher institute for research, statistics and training of Lombardy Region)


Boni, A. and Cordini, M. (2018), Edilizia residenziale pubblica e morosità. L’espansione della vulnerabilità tra gli inquilini di alloggi sociali in Lombardia, in «Polis», 1, pp. 77-104.


Alice Boni and Marta Cordini Social housing and indebtedness: the expansion of vulnerability among social housing dwellers, paper presented at the International Conference “Social housing in contemporary Europe: Extending the scope of comparative research and addressing most recent changes”, Free University of Bolzano, 19-21 April 2017