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The 4th edition of Transforming Care conference, organized by Costanzo Ranci and Tine Rostgaard, will take place in Copenaghen on 24-26th June.

The main theme of this year’s event is Changing priorities. The making of care policy and practices.

Various members of the Social Policies Laboratory will take part.

Stefania Sabatinelli will co-chair with Margarita Leon the thematic panel What ECEC services in the context of rising child poverty? (25th June; 11-12:30).

Marco Arlotti will co-chair with  Mirko Di Rosa and Flavia Martinelli the panel Challenges to ageing in place: Potential risks of isolation and abandonment for frail older people living at home (26th June; 9-10:30). During the session, the paper Quality of life and social isolation among frail oldest-old population in Europe, written by Marco Arlotti and Costanzo Ranci along Claudio Luppi, will also be presented.

Costanzo Ranci will present the paper Coverage vs Generosity. Comparing eligibility and need assessment in six Cash for Care programs, co-authored with Marco Arlotti, Andrea Parma and August Oesterle, in the thematic panel Inequalities and care needs in old age (25th June; 9-10.30).

Marco Arlotti and Costanzo Ranci will present the paper Resistance to change. The difficulty of implementing institutional innovation in Italian long-term care during Managing care priorities in practice: leadership dilemmas in different contexts session (24th June; 16:45-18:15)

For more details and e full programme, please check thel website of the conference.