Il sito del Laboratorio di Politiche Sociali

The research is divided into two parts. The first is focused on the costs of social renting in order to analyze their weight on family budgets, using the “rent-to-income ratio” and the “residual income” methods, and to provide useful indications for the implementation of policies capable of reconciling effectiveness in tackling difficult situations and economic sustainability for funding bodies. The second focuses on the topic of local agreements concerning agreed rental contracts, in order to measure the economic convenience of the “canone concordato” (regulated grant) compared to the market rent, and to study some home agencies active in territories characterized by a strong housing tension.

Financing periods

2018-in progress

Working group

Costanzo Ranci, Luigi Bernardi, Stefania Cerea, Marta Cordini

Funding Institution

Regione Lombardia


Eupolis, Istituto superiore per la ricerca, la statistica e la formazione di Regione Lombardia