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The project aims to comparatively study the implementation of national minimum incomes (NMI) in five Regions of Northern Italy: Piedmont, Lombardy, Autonomous Province of Trento, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna.

Three main research lines are foreseen: providing a detailed account of the territorial contexts in which the implementation of NMI is ongoing, analysing the NMI’s implementation in the context of specific local welfare systems, identifying and explaining the main dynamics related to the NMI’s implementation in the selected local contexts.

After a preliminary analysis of the existing literature and the various sources available, at least three local cases will be selected in each Region, to be investigated in-depth through a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods, through a participatory research path involving the main stakeholders, as well as social workers and beneficiaries.

The project intends furthering the scientific debate about minimum schemes in Italy, by assuming a specific analytical perspective focused on the implementation process considered as a social process entailing multiple roles, practices, and conceptions of poverty by different actors and specific interactions among them.

Financing period


Working group

Marco Arlotti, Stefania Sabatinelli

Funding Institution

MIUR – Bando Prin 2017


Università degli Studi di Trento, Università di Bologna, Università di Torino