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A new post-doc research fellow position (assegno di ricerca) for a year is now open within the Horizon 2020 project COHSMO-Inequality, urbanization and territorial COHesion: Developing the European Social MOdel of Economic Growth and Democracy Capacity.
Specifically, the position will focus on Territorial cohesion policies and spatial planning in the face of increasing inequalities.

The main aim of COHSMO, a four year H2020 research project, is to investigate the relationship between socio-economic structures of inequality, urbanization processes and territorial cohesion policies, and how territorial cohesion at different European scales affects economic growth, spatial justice and democratic capacitiy across Europe.

The research project will carry out a cross-evaluation of existing spatial development policies at regional, national and supranational levels to provide guidance for future recommendations and provide examples of good practices that can support and complement existing EU-cohesion policies and instruments.

COHSMO sees the involvment of research teams from 7 countries: in addition to Italy, Austria, Denmark, Greece, Lithuania, Poland and the United Kingdom.

The research fellow will have to follow the different ongoing phases of the project in collaboration with the research team of the Politecnico and the other universities involved in the project. Being a comparative project, this constitutes an interesting opportunity for a young scholar to collaborate on an international project and to interact with research groups located in different European cities.
The call can be found at the following link:[ID]=8855&L=1
Deadline to submit applications is 1 aprile 2020.