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Social Inclusion have published the special issue

Cohesion in the Local Context: Reconciling the Territorial, Economic and Social Dimensions

The issue, edited by Anja Jørgensen (Aalborg University), Mia Arp Fallov (Aalborg University), Rikke Skovgaard Nielsen (Aalborg University), Hans Thor Andersen (Aalborg University) e Maja De Neergaard (Aalborg University), deals with the first evidences from Horzizon 2020 COHSMO project.

COHSMO stands for Inequality, urbanization and Territorial Cohesion: Developing the European Social Model of economic growth and democratic capacity.

The special issue is available on open access.

The table of contents is as follow:

Cohesion in the Local Context: Reconciling the Territorial, Economic and Social Dimensions, by Hans Thor Andersen, Mia Arp Fallov, Anja Jørgensen, Maja de Neergaard and Rikke Skovgaard Nielsen

Territorial Cohesion of What and Why? The Challenge of Spatial Justice for EU’s Cohesion Policy, by Mikko Weckroth and Sami Moisio

Positioning the Urban in the Global Knowledge Economy: Increasing Competitiveness or Inequality, by Tatjana Boczy, Ruggero Cefalo, Andrea Parma and Rikke Skovgaard Nielsen

Territorial Cohesion as a Policy Narrative: From Economic Competitiveness to ‘Smart’ Growth and Beyond, by Panagiotis Artelaris and George Mavrommatis

Narratives of Territorial Cohesion and Economic Growth: A Comparative Study, by Tatjana Boczy and Marta Margherita Cordini

Rural Cohesion: Collective Efficacy and Leadership in the Territorial Governance of Inclusion, by Anja Jørgensen, Mia Arp Fallov, Maria Casado-Diaz and Rob Atkinson

Rethinking Suburban Governance in the CEE Region: A Comparison of Two Municipalities in Poland and Lithuania, by Jurga Bučaitė-Vilkė and Joanna Krukowska

Local Territorial Cohesion: Perception of Spatial Inequalities in Access to Public Services in Polish Case-Study Municipalities, by Wirginia Aksztejn

In Search of Territorial Cohesion: An Elusive and Imagined Notion, by Rob Atkinson and Carolina Pacchi

Contexts and Interconnections: A Conjunctural Approach to Territorial Cohesion, by Maja de Neergaard, Mia Arp Fallov, Rikke Skovgaard Nielsen and Anja Jørgensen


This project has recieved funding from the European Union’s Horizion 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727058