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During the II semester Lara Maestripieri will teach the following course


It will be taught in English langague during march and april 2021 (for 15 hours) and it is worth 2 credits.

The aim of this course is for the students to be familiar with qualitative methods; in particular, the course will deal with how to use (individual and collective) interviews to collect useful information on people, groups or social phenomena. This skill is particularly relevant in numerous professional activities (e.g., product development, marketing campaigns, analysis of organizational climate) but also when starting your first research projects (e.g., interviewing experts or the final users of the products your are developing). In order to meet these objectives, this course will guide students in their first practical experience with qualitative interviewing. Stemming from the theory of interviewing and qualitative analysis, the teacher will guide students step by step into the realisation of a semi-structured interview. We will do together: i. definition of the cognitive and scientific objectives of your interview; ii. the development of the guide of the interview and selection of the possible interviews respecting a sampling strategy, iii. conduction of the interview and the transcription of the collected material and iv. the analysis of your interview.At the end of the course, the student will be able to:

    1. Prepare a guide of interview
    2. Conducing an interview in a scientific and effective way based on your goals, managing the possible problems
    3. Producing a synthetic report starting from the results, to be used for your scientific objectives (e.g., thesis, product development, organisational analysis)

The course is part of “Passion in action“, a catalogue of open participation teaching activities that the Politecnico offers to students to support the development of transversal, soft and social skills and to encourage/facilitate students in enriching their personal, cultural and professional experience. This opportunity is open to everyone.

Enrollment is open until 19 February.

For more information and to submit application, we invite you to check the relevant page on Polytechnic website: