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Professions and Professionalism has published by special issue co-edited by Lara Maestripieri on

Heterogeneity Among Professions and Professionals

The issue is opened by an editorial on Heterogeneity Among Professions and Professionals writen by Karolina Parding, Andrea Bellini & Lara Maestripieri.

The contributions also include:

Carolina Pacchi & Ilaria Mariotti: Shared Spaces or Shelters for Precarious Workers? Coworking Spaces in Italy

Camilla Gaiaschi: The Academic Profession in Neoliberal Times: A Gendered View

Clementina Casula: Local Broadcast Journalists and the Trap of Professional Heterogeneity

Scarlett Salman: Client Professionalization, a Resource for Heterogeneous Professionals: For a Pluralistic Account of Corporate Professions

Anna Giulia Ingellis & Fernando Osvaldo Esteban: Labor Insertion of Italian Professionals in Valencia: Between Emerging and Traditional Professions

Davide Calenda, Andrea Bellini: The Challenging Integration Paths of Migrant Health Professionals: The Case of Filipino and Indian Nurses in the UK

The issue is downloadable on the journal’s website: