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It is a pleasure to announce that the latest Working Paper of the DAStU-LPS series has been published:

Written by Luca Lazzarini and Carolina Pacchi, the article is based on evidences and materials produced during the Horizon 2020 COHSMO project.

The working paper presents and discusses some empirical findings from COHSMO Project regarding the local configurations of territorial cohesion in relation to the contextual forms of inequalities and urbanisation. In particular, it aims at improving the understanding on the role of territorial cohesion in the three Italian case-study areas (Milan, Legnano and Oltrepò Pavese). A specific emphasis is placed on investigating the relationship between spatial configurations and territorial cohesion policies, the reconciliation of the economic, social and territorial dimensions of policies, and the contribution of horizontal and multilevel governance arrangements in conducing territorial cohesion. The final section highlights the dominant rhetoric and discourses of policy documents and analyses the strategic response of institutional actors for achieving greater territorial cohesion.

COHSMO project has recieved funding from the European Union’s Horizion 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727058