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Politecnico di Milano has opened up a post-doc research fellow position (assegno di ricerca) for a year (with possibility to be renewed) on the issue of “Inequalities and dynamics of socio-spatial segregation”. The position is part of the Project of Excellence  of the Department of Architecture of Urban Studies on “fragile territories”.

The research focuses on intersections between inequalities, forms of residential and school segregation, housing dynamics, processes of ethnic and social differentiation of urban population and urban policies aiming at contrasting them. The fieldwork, coherently with the DAStU Project of excellence, will target fragile urban areas.

The research aims at analysing: a) how social inequalities, poverty and risk of marginality and social and ethnic segregation intertwin in fragile territories; b) to what extent these dynamics are reflected in the composition of school population and in the equality of its territorial distribution, and whether and how these dynamics are interrelated with housing dynamics; c) the intertwining between these forms of segregation and those emerging in the labour market, in public spaces and in the access to public services; d) which role is played by urban policies, social, school, housing policies in these contexts, and which room for innovation can be identified.

The post-doc fellow is supposed to carry out an original research project, which is coherent with the research program. We look for an excellent urban researcher who is: i) independent in the management of her/his research project; ii) able to collaborate with other researchers and research groups; iii) able to produce national or international publications to disseminate the research results.

The post-doc fellow must hold one or more of the following skills:

– knowledge of socio-spatial segregation dynamics

– statistical and spatial analysis of territorial data

– public policy analysis.

The scientific coordinator of the check is Costanzo Ranci. Marco Arlotti, Paola Briata, Giuliana Costa, Lara Maestripieri, Carolina Pacchi and Stefania Sabatinelli are members of the technical committee.

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Deadline to submit applications: 3/3/2020[ID]=8805&L=1[ID]=8805