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ECASS project Multiplier Event: “Quale Scuola? La scelta delle famiglie e la rete scolastica”

On 21 June 2022, at 17 pm, at the Polo Civico Manzoni in Milan, the Multiplier Event of the ECASS (European Cities Against School Segregation) project "Which School? The choice of families and the school network" will be held. The event is an opportunity for...
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Call for papers for the track on “Material welfare, inequalities and territorial fragilization” at EURA 2022 Conference.

Giuliana Costa, Agostino Petrillo and Carla Tedesco are organizing a session at EURA 2022 Conference "Defrag-Europe: fragility/antifragility at play in contemporary Europe". The conference will take place in Milan, at Polytechnic University, from 16 to 18 June 2022....
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New article by Giuliana Costa on migrants’ access to public services

We are delighted to announce the publication on Social Sciences of a new article written by Giuliana Costa, Grazia Concilio, Maryam Karimi, Maria Vitaller del Olmo and Olga Kehagia. Co-Designing with Migrants’ Easier Access to Public Services: A Technological Perspect...
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Article by Costanzo Ranci and Roberta Cucca on the capacity of European cities in dealing with challanges produced by the Great Crisis

We are delighted to annouce the publication on Urban Affairs Review of the new article of Costanzo Ranci and Roberta Cucca on Urban Policy in Times of Crisis: The Policy Capacity of European Cities and the Role of Multi-Level Governance The article investigates how...
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New article by Costanzo Ranci on COVID impacts on care homes in Europe

We are delight to annouce the publication of the new article by Costanzo Ranci con Mary Daly, Margarita Leon, Birgit Pfau-Effinger and Tine Rostgaard on Journal of European Social Policies COVID-19 and policies for care homes in the first wave of the pandemic in...
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