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Si segnala la pubblicazione del Working Paper della serie DAStU-LPS scritto da Giuliana Costa (Politecnico), Maria Gabriella Melchiorre (INRCA-IRCCS) e Marco Arlotti (Politecnico):

Ageing in place in different care regimes. The role of care arrangements and the implications for the quality of life and social isolation of frail older people

Il WP si sviluppa a partire del lavoro di ricerca svolto all’interno del progetto “Inclusive ageing in place — IN-AGE”.

Di seguito l’abstract dell’articolo:


The aim of this paper is to address how care arrangements shape the conditions of older people living at home and the main implications for them as far as quality of life and social isolation are concerned. We will consider the complex mix of actors involved in providing care for older people, focusing in particular on the crucial role played by the state, family/informal networks and private services in a comparative perspective and with specific attention to the Italian case. Due to the fact that the literature about the relationship between care arrangements, quality of life and social isolation is still limited and dispersed in a plurality of studies and scientific contributions, we propose here the main evidence of such relationship, acknowledging that further investigation is needed.


L’articolo è consultabile al seguente link: