Il sito del Laboratorio di Politiche Sociali

The XII ESPAnet Italia Conference will be held from 19 to 21 September at the University of Urbino. This year’s event is dedicated to Territories of Welfare: de (-globalisations), innovations and conservation.

The call for papers phase is currently open until April 14th with the submission of abstract proposals. For more information on timing and format, please consult the conference website at the following link.

In particular, several members of the Social Policy Laboratory will coordinate thematic sessions.

Costanzo Ranci and Marco Arlotti will coordinate a session on Challenges to ageing in place: Potential risks of isolation and abandonment for frail older people living at home.

Stefania Sabatinelli, together with Massimo Bricocoli (DAStU), will coordinate the session  Welfare, spazio e azione pubblica.

Finally, Marta Cordini, together with Stefano Neri (from the University of Milan), will coordinate session 24 on Social Investment policies in early childhood education and care services between expansion and quality.