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We are pleasued to announced that Urban Studies has published online

School segregation in contemporary cities: Socio-spatial dynamics, institutional context and urban outcomes

The article, written by Costanzo Ranci, Carolina Pacchi, Willem Boterman and Sako Musterd, also acts as an introduction to a special issue on school segregation dynamics in various European and North-American cities.

The SI will include the following contributions:

Bernelius, V, Vilkama, K (2019) Pupils on the move: School catchment area segregation and residential mobility of urban families

Bonal, X, Zancajo, A, Scandurra, R (2019) Residential segregation and school segregation of foreign students in Barcelona

Boterman, W (2019) The role of geography in school segregation in the free parental choice context of Dutch cities

Candipan, J (2019) Neighbourhood change and the neighbourhood–school gap

Cordini, M, Parma, A, Ranci, C (2019) A ‘white flight’ in Milan: School segregation as a result of home-to-school mobility

Maloutas, T, Spyrellis, SN, Capella, A (2019) Residential segregation and educational performance. The case of Athens

Nielsen, RS, Andersen, HT (2019) Ethnic school segregation in Copenhagen: A step in the right direction?

Oberti, M, Savina, Y (2019) Urban and School segregation in Paris: The complexity of contextual effects on school achievement. The case of middle schools in the Paris metropolitan area

Owens, A, Candipan, J (2019) Social and spatial inequalities of educational opportunity: A portrait of schools serving high- and low-income neighbourhoods in U.S. metropolitan areas

Ramos Lobato, I, Groos, T (2019) Choice as a duty? The abolition of primary school catchment areas in North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany and its impact on parent choice strategies

Serbulo, L (2019) Unnatural choices: Forty years of school choice policy and its impacts on segregation in Portland Public Schools

Vergou, P (2019) Living with difference: Refugee education and school segregation processes in Greece