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We are delighted to announce the publication on the November issue of Urban Studies (volume 56, number 15) of the Special Isssue:

School segregation in contemporary cities: Socio-spatial dynamics, institutional context and urban outcomes

The special issue, edited by Costanzo Ranci, Carolina Pacchi, Willem Boterman and Sako Musterd, is dedicated to the dynamics of school segregation in different European and North American contexts. Investigated case studies include Amsterdam, Athens, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Milan, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Paris, Portland.

The contributions included in the SI are as follows:

Boterman W, Mutserd S, Pacchi C, Ranci C (2019) School segregation in contemporary cities: Socio-spatial dynamics and urban outcomes

Bernelius, V, Vilkama, K (2019) Pupils on the move: School catchment area segregation and residential mobility of urban families

Bonal, X, Zancajo, A, Scandurra, R (2019) Residential segregation and school segregation of foreign students in Barcelona

Boterman, W (2019) The role of geography in school segregation in the free parental choice context of Dutch cities

Candipan, J (2019) Neighbourhood change and the neighbourhood–school gap

Cordini, M, Parma, A, Ranci, C (2019) A ‘white flight’ in Milan: School segregation as a result of home-to-school mobility

Maloutas, T, Spyrellis, SN, Capella, A (2019) Residential segregation and educational performance. The case of Athens

Nielsen, RS, Andersen, HT (2019) Ethnic school segregation in Copenhagen: A step in the right direction?

Oberti, M, Savina, Y (2019) Urban and School segregation in Paris: The complexity of contextual effects on school achievement. The case of middle schools in the Paris metropolitan area

Owens, A, Candipan, J (2019) Social and spatial inequalities of educational opportunity: A portrait of schools serving high- and low-income neighbourhoods in U.S. metropolitan areas

Ramos Lobato, I, Groos, T (2019) Choice as a duty? The abolition of primary school catchment areas in North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany and its impact on parent choice strategies

Serbulo, L (2019) Unnatural choices: Forty years of school choice policy and its impacts on segregation in Portland Public Schools

Vergou, P (2019) Living with difference: Refugee education and school segregation processes in Greece

Wilson, D., Bridge G. (2019) School choice and the city: Geographies of allocation and segregation.