Il sito del Laboratorio di Politiche Sociali

About Us

The Social Policy Lab (LPS) was created in 2001 as a research unit of the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of the Polytechnic of Milan. Originally focused on the analysis and evaluation of social policies and programmes, over time it has opened up to addressing broader themes related to the transformations underway in Italy and other European societies and in particular in cities. Through a variety of research, training and consulting activities, LPS provides occasions to reflect, exchange and produce knowledge, both theoretical and applied, on themes like social inequalities, social and territorial cohesion, urban policy, local welfare, and multi-level governance. In particular, LPS researchers have analysed the changing needs, practices and policies in a variety of areas, including social care, housing, income (re)distribution, and social investment. The analytical approach is both qualitative and quantitative, emphasising comparative perspectives. LPS encourages and promotes inter-disciplinary work, drawing from a variety of perspectives in sociology, political science and economics, based on a rigorous application of social research methods and techniques, in a constant dialogue with the core disciplines of the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies.