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Care needs, practices and policies have undergone profound changes in recent decades. Caring for children, for persons with disability and for the frail elderly interacts with major social, demographic and economic transformations, including female employment, population ageing, declining fertility, and changing family patterns. At the same time, care policies are exposed to the effects of fiscal crisis of welfare, more recently under austerity. As a result, over the last few decades this policy area has seen extensive and profound policy reforms. The introduction of cash-for-care programmes, a general trend towards marketization of service provision, technological innovation, the emergence of the migrant care worker model, the development of social investment strategies are some the main trends seen at varying degrees across countries and care sectors. Ever since its foundation n 2001, LPS has been carrying out research projects on long-term care, early child education and care, care for disabled adults, with a focus both on policy frameworks and tools, and on the conditions of those in need for care, of family members, and of care workers. Recent research has tackled issues of access, quality, appropriateness, sustainability, affordability, and equality, at local, national and international level.


INclusive AGEing in place (IN-AGE)

HCP – Home Care Premium scheme: impact evaluation and implementation strategies